We Grow Companies

Every business needs to grow customers, sales and market share. In today’s highly competitive markets, the best firms combine excellent strategy, thoughtful planning and relentless execution to succeed. There’s no substitute for real-world, proven experience. If you’re looking to grow, the Indy Group is the modern sales and marketing partner you need to help build your business.

Marketing Has Evolved

Modern marketing has changed. Once a purely creative discipline, today’s marketing must combine four things:

  1. Strategy: Thoughtful strategy is a force multiplier.
  2. Creative: Communications and branding that grab attention and won’t let go.
  3. Technology: CRM and Marketing Automation to reach the right people at the right time.
  4. Clear ROI: Numbers-driven, analytics based proof of performance.

Many firms lack staff with experience in all four areas.  We’re here to help.

Experts for hire

Indy Group consultants leverage modern techniques that build sales without the cost of a full-time employee. We bring decades of exceptional business experience on a project basis. Our clients get the results they need without the costs of a new hire.

Why Outsource?

Smart companies rely on outside experts for critical matters like legal advice, tax planning, etc. In the same way, Indy Group clients benefit from our decades of real-world corporate marketing & project management experience.

Add Marketing Expertise without Adding Staff

Our marketing professionals get your projects done as contractors. We become part of your team, offering advice and expertise as we build your marketing for you. You’ll have a marketing expert committed to your success without hiring someone new.